Collectively Shaping Our NAMA for the Building Sector


Pasay City, Philippines – 21 November 2017 – The Climate Change Commission and the Philippine Green Building Council and the National Housing Authority are working together on the country’s NAMA for the Building Sector. The National Conference on “Collectively Shaping our NAMA for the Building Sector” held on November 21, 2017 at the Luzon Ballroom of Sofitel Philippine Plaza at Pasay City is one of the events to facilitate discussion and disseminate information on the NAMA for the Building Sector.

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) are a set of policies and actions that countries undertake as part of commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. PHILGBC is one of the partners of the Philippine government in the development of the NAMA for the Building sector.

The national conference provided for a venue for knowledge exchange on best practices from the public and private sector. Highlights of the Conference included: (1) Discussion on the NAMA for the Building Sector; (2) Green Financing; (3) Green Tools and Technologies; (4) Green Professionals; (5) Best Practices on Green Building from the WGBC Asia Pacific Network; (6) Latest trends in green developments, and (7) Launch of the BERDE Green Building Rating System version 2.0.

“Do our discussions seriously, about NAMA, about how we manage climate change, how we improve and green our environment, but most importantly today, I hope you don’t stop there. I hope you just don’t do the business as usual, now as in the green business as usual, but start something new! Begin something new and go for higher goals, higher aspiration,” said World Green Building Council Chairman, Mr. Tai Lee Siang.

“Today, as we work on the NAMA and as we work with all of you, we are now translating most of these efforts and awareness into concrete actions, which is really very exciting for our country,” remarked Mr. Ramon Rufino, Chairman of the Philippine Green Building Council.

The National Conference on “Collectively Shaping our NAMA for the Building Sector” is co-presented by the Philippine Green Building Council and the Climate Change Commission, with support from the United Nations Environment. This was held as part of the country’s observance of Climate Change Consciousness Week.

“The TODAY that we have is the outcome of our past act, and our TODAY’s act will shape our future,” said Mr. Mizaharul Alam, Climate Change Regional Director from the United Nations Environment.

Green Building Leaders Gather at the 2017 PHILGBC National Convention

Manila, Philippines – 17-21 November 2017 – Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) hosted the biggest gathering of green building leaders in industry at the 2017 PHILGBC National Convention.  The convention showcased the convergence of leaders from the Philippines’ building and construction industry, and leaders from National Green Building Councils in the Asia Pacific region to a series of events fostering exchange of knowledge and expertise, a showcase of best practices in sustainable development, and discussions on issues and developments in greening the building industry.

The convention provided an avenue for industry discussion on latest on the BERDE Green Building Rating System and other relevant tools in greening.  It served as a significant avenue for meaningful dialogues between colleagues in industry and partners in the public and private sector.  Programs and initiatives that promotes building better and healthier places for people have been discussed in various events during the convention.

Mr. Tai Lee Siang, Chairman of the World Green Building Council, together with leaders from National GBC’s in the Asia Pacific region joins PHILGBC as it celebrates its 10th year of Market Transformation, and hosts the PHILGBC National Convention.

“Today, I’d like to offer that not only are we trying to improve the consciousness about climate change, we are engaged in concrete actions that will address Climate Change” –PHILGBC Chairman, Mr. Ramon Rufino.

The series of events that happened during the PHILGBC National Convention were the Meeting of Leaders from the World Green Building Council-Asia Pacific Network, PHILGBC 10-year Anniversary Gala, Building Green CEO Forum, Green Building Tour, and the National Conference on “Collectively Shaping Our NAMA for the Building Sector.”

Supporting the PHILGBC National Convention are the following:

  • The Net GroupNational Convention – Titanium Partner
  • Saint GobainNational Convention – Diamond Partner
  • Climate Change Commission, NAMA Conference Co-Presentor

Supporting the different events during the National Convention are the following:

  • United Nations Environment, and the EU-ASEP
  • International Elevator and Equipment Inc, PHILGBC 10-Year Anniversary Gala Sponsor
  • Bridgebury Realty Corporation, PHILGBC 10-Year Anniversary Gala Sponsor
  • Daikin Airconditioning Philippines Inc., Building Green CEO Forum Sponsor
  • Datem Incorporated, Green Building Tour Sponsor
  • Republic Cement Services, Confererence Partner
  • Integrated Environmental Solutions, Conference Partner
  • Maynilad Water Services, Stellar Equipment and Machinery, Natures Legacy Eximport, Megawide Construction Corporation, Ecotektonika, World Home Depot, and Philippine Resins Industries Inc (Supporting Companies)



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