COVER: Reaching Out

Reaching Out
Slowly opening up and trying to reach out, fully settled and secured when under the sea, beautifully attracting and unfolding…these words aptly describing a taklobo or giant clam became our inspiration as we usher in our second edition of Building Green. As we open up more opportunities for members to share their thoughts, talents and time, we see the taklobo’s opening up of its shell to reach for sunlight, so that it creates that symbiotic relationship with the environment and creatures around it. This kind of bond is what we hope to establish as our members in the Council inspire us to do more and to do better.

We would like to welcome our new members and would as well thank those past members that have renewed their membership this year. We continue to roll out our calling for those who may wish to actively participate in the different committees. Please do not hesitate to approach the PHILGBC National Secretariat.

We are fortunate to have special interviews under our CEO in Focus section: one with Angela de Villa-Lacson, ArthaLand’s President and CEO, whose pioneering works in sustainable development gave rise to the two-tower and award-winning Arya Residences; the other is an engaging and wealth-of-knowledge-filled interview with the Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection and concurrent General Manager of the Laguna Lake Development Authority, Secretary J. R. Nereus Acosta.

Posted in Issue 2.