Mandaue – Building a Better City for its People

Better Places for People is a World Green Building Council global project which aims to create a world in which buildings are not only good for the environment, but also support healthier, happier and productive lives for those who occupy them.

With the commitment of educating the public on green building trends, and building sustainable cities and communities, the Philippine Green Building Council has been conducting green building programs for the private and public sector involving technology transfer, knowledge sharing and capacity building.

As a frontrunner and source of green building knowledge in the Philippines, the PHILGBC partnered and closely coordinated with the City Government of Mandaue (Mandaue) and USAID Building Low Emission Alternatives to Develop Economic Resilience and Sustainability Project (B-LEADERS) to successfully conduct the Capacity Building Program for the Implementation of the Green Building Ordinance of Mandaue in 2015.

Mandaue has developed strategic and effective policies to ensure its sustainable economic growth. With the continuous growth of the city comes environmental issues brought about by urbanization which will eventually hamper economic and social activities. The city government has identified green building as one of the solutions for the environmental challenges Mandaue is facing.

With the assistance of PHILGBC, Mandaue was able established strategies that address the concern for its sustainable development such as the development of a Green Building Program, and the adoption of the BERDE Green Building Rating System to measure the environmental performance of projects in the city.

To further guide the Mandaue in implementing the green building ordinance, PHILGBC developed the following programs and deliverables:

  • Green Building Training Modules – developed to guide the organizers in conducting green building training for Mandaue.
  • Green Building Trainings – conducted for the internal and external stakeholders of the city to learn the background on sustainability, the contribution of buildings in the overall sustainability and low carbon agenda, development of green buildings, and the BERDE Green Building Rating System.
  • Green Building Toolkit – a collection of processes, procedures, forms and templates to support the effective implementation of the Green Building Ordinance of Mandaue City. The toolkit will serve as a guide for the private sector in developing green buildings, and supporting the regulations under the Green Building Ordinance.
  • Seminar Workshop on the Green Building Ordinance IRR – served as a venue to present to the stakeholders the salient features of the Green Building Ordinance and the finalized IRR for the policy for an effective implementation of the Green Building Ordinance.
  • Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Green Building Ordinance – a collection of policies, processes, and procedures related to the issuance of permits and incentives for green buildings in Mandaue.

PHILGBC ensured that the recommendations for the IRR was forwarded to Mandaue for their review. It was officially approved by the Mayor Jonas Cortes through the Executive Order No. 17 Series of 2016 “An Order Adopting the Implementing Rules and Regulations for Ordinance No. 13-2015-1047 also known as the Green Building Code of Mandaue.”

Mandaue believes that through its collaborative effort with PHILGBC, having a green and sustainable environment for the future generation is possible. With the adaptation ordinance, the new buildings that will be built will follow the principles of green building.

Aside from the green building ordinance, Mandaue is also promoting and practicing the “Takakura Home Method of Composting”. This method makes organic fertilizer by fermenting mixtures of biodegradable waste and fermenting them to decompose in just one (1) to two (2) days without giving off unpleasant odors.

With the sustainable practices in the city, the residents can guarantee that Mandaue will remain as a livable developing city.

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