Building Green Newsletter Issue No. 3

Building Green Newsletter Issue No. 3

Download the Building Green Newsletter Issue No. 3 here.

The Building Green Newsletter, much like how the native Tambuli is a tool for calling out to the communities, is here to announce to our membership the most recent events in the Council.  Featured in this issue are:

    • Raul Joseph Concepcion, Concepcion Carrier Airconditioning Corporation
    • Building Green Conference 2014
    • General Membership Meeting, October 2014
    • Glasstech Asia 2014
    • 2015 PHILGBC Strategic Planning
    • World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Regional Network
      • Year-End Meeting 2014
      • Mid-Year Meeting 2015
    • Legislative Committee
    • BERDE Committee
    • Membership Committee
  • Announcements of Upcoming Events

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COMMITTEES AT WORK: 2015 Strategic Planning

The PHILGBC Board of Trustees (BOT) held its Strategic Planning for the year 2015 last 30 January, 2015 at the F1 Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.City. With the newly elected members, the BOT discussed the work plan for the year, as well as future directions for the Council.

COVER: Tambuli

In pre-hispanic Philippines, the “Tambuli”, which was an indigenous tool made out of Carabao horn, was used as an instrument for the natives to come and attend meetings called-for by their elders, listen to announcements from their chieftains or take part in making decisions for the safety and well-being of the tribe or community. How the locals were able to harness the idea of making this animal part as an important tool goes beyond a stroke of luck; but rather, a display of ingenuity, skill and making a sustainable use of what is applicable and available then. This form of calling proved to be an effective tool to gather people, disseminate information, allow each one to be updated with what’s going on in the villages and involve every member on issues that affect them or on situations that could threaten their peaceful co-existence in the community.

Fast forward to our 3rd edition of the Building Green Newsletter, we still see the “Tambuli” in its symbolic importance and melodious tone, as we announce to our members the most recent events in the Council as well as updates on PHILGBC’s active participation in relevant local, regional and global meetings on green building and climate change issues. Following are the activities organized and participated in by the Council:

  • WorldGBC Asia Pacific Network Year-end meeting in Singapore, last September 1 to 3 , 2014;
  • Building Green Conference last September 25, 2014;
  • General Membership Meeting (GMM) and PHILGBC Board of Trustees Election, last October 22, 2014;
  • Glasstech Asia 2014, last Novermber 26 and 27, 2014;
  • PHILGBC Strategic Planning last January 30, 2015;
  • Visit to Lima, Peru for the Low Carbon Model Town last January 14 to 25, 2015; and
  • WorldGBC Asia Pacific Network Mid-year meeting in Tokyo, Japan, last February 23 to 27, 2015.

Indeed, with a bigger and more-involved membership of a combined 888 corporate and individual members, we are transforming into a greener building industry. This is exemplified by the growing number of registered projects under BERDE, and the awarding of the first 4-Star BERDE Certification of the Net Lima building.

We are positive that these updates will inspire more members of the industry to understand our own locally-adaptive BERDE Green Building Rating System, and will encourage more volunteers to join in promoting sustainability in the building industry.

For this edition, we are featuring one market leader, who is a staunch supporter-of and is a sustaining member of PHILGBC. His works have helped inspire confidence and have built the basic foundation for the sustainable growth of his company—Mr Raul “Jojo” Concepcion, the CEO of Concepcion Carrier. This edition incorporates both private and government participation on various greening efforts.

We are also featuring through series of photos, events that have taken place, member activities that have been both beneficial and enjoyable, and more importantly, volunteer works that have seriously helped shape our calling into our present generation TAMBULI

CEO IN FOCUS: Raul Joseph Concepcion, Concepcion Carrier Airconditioning Corporation

Concepcion Industrial Corporation’s Chief Executive officer, Raul Joseph “Jojo” A. Concepcion, sat down with Ancy Palma and Ken Lerona to share his views on bringing sustainable products to the market. He also shared his thoughts on how hard work and grit can lead to success.

We heard your father started you early in the business. Can you tell us your story?

When I was seven years old, my task was to count inventory. The first time I went to the factory was when I was 12 or 13 years old. That’s when I started working on the line. My job was putting rings on the copper tubes for the aircon [units] for two months. I worked in a non-aircon room and my dad told me to eat the food that everyone else eats and eat where everyone else eats. I think that built my character. That’s when I realized the value of hard work and the humility of hard work. I also learned to see the perspective of other people, kailangan din kasi that you see things from the ground level – and I think that gives our organization an advantage.

Is there big pressure on you to fill your dad’s shoes being a COO (child of the owner) who is now handling the business?

Of course, there’s a pressure but I think it’s not really a big pressure. Obviously, being the son of the owner and looking at my father’s accomplishment, like every son who’d like to be better but there is also this philosophy that people have different potentials.

The way I look at it is that I have a goal, that goal is clear, achieving those goals. Working every day to achieve those goals and moving to the next goals. I often tell our people in the plant – we have very big plants – I ask them, “How do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece.” And that’s what we do with our expectation levels. It’s not about, “hey I want to be this great guy up here,” it’s about taking that step at a time.

I think another part of it is humility. I think it is very important that as a person, you are thankful with what you have accomplished. I think being humble as possible is good for this business.

You have been successful in your business, owning 40% of the market and you are targeting to move even higher, can you tell us more about it?

It’s based on fundamentals, really. One of the things that my father taught me is to be humble. When we enter businesses for example, how do we get to 40%? It’s about building capabilities; it’s building foundation. We have our seven core capabilities that make us great, that make us compete.

We play in a very global market and this market is a roller coaster of big waves. We weather these waves because our foundation is correct. Every year, good year or bad year, we continue to invest in building our capabilities. Today, we’re expanding in the building and industrial side – for that purpose, we’re seeing the opportunity to grow.

In the PHILGBC for example, we’re seeing the demand not just for equipment but whole solution rather than just individual products. That is what our company is trying to do, and I believe that our partners are realizing that “hey, I’m selling you the most efficient product but I may be throwing materials away.” So what I’m saying is that I may sell your savings in energy but practice wasteful spending of materials. Does it make sense? On one hand you are saving, but on the other hand, you’re throwing.

If you’re talking about green, it’s the whole picture and not just about one scenario. For example, putting up a building contributes only about 20-30% of the environmental impact. It’s the actual usage of the building that makes the greater impact. For us, this means not only about delivering an efficient product – it’s about the engineering, the manufacturing involved. This is why you have to have a holistic way of looking at the solutions. This is how we look at our business.

ARTICLE: Building Green Conference 2014

The Building Green Conference, the flagship annual green building conference of the PHILGBC, was held last September 25, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. BG2014 was conducted as part of the celebration of the World Green Building Week 2014.

BG2014 highlighted current green building initiatives in the public sector, as well as current best green building practices and technologies from the private sector.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., addressed the delegates as the keynote speaker for the conference. He shared his work towards passing a Green Building law. Further he commended the Council for taking the lead in green building and reiterated his support for the PHILGBC. He was well received and applauded for supporting the green initiatives from the national government’s end. He was also given a quick tour of the co-related exhibits on green products and sustainable developments through technological equipment that harness alternative forms of energy.


Mr. Jesus Anunciacion, Assistant Director for Energy Utilization Management Bureau of the Department of Energy (DOE) presented the programs of the government in promoting energy efficiency. Secretary J. R. Nereus Acosta, Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection, followed with a resounding presentation on government leading the way for the property sector in green building. He presented the Laguna Lake Development Authority Building, the first government building to undergo green building certification in the Philippines under the BERDE Green Building Rating System.

Presentations from local and foreign speakers from the private sector discussed current technologies that contribute to green buildings: Mr. Thomas Peebles, Solenergy Systems, Inc., on Building Integrated Photovoltaics; Mr. Gilbert Ong, Philips Electronic Lighting, on Efficient Lighting Design; Mr. Vance Lew, Lutron GL Limited, on Lighting Control; and, Mr. Don H. Lee, Lafarge Cement Sevice (Phils) Inc.

Other presentations from the private sector focused on green building principles and best practice: Mr. Noel Verdote, International Finance Corporation, on Global Green Standards and Sustainable Energy Finance; Mr. Michael Banak, Crone Partners, Australia, on his Architectural Practice in Sydney; and, Mr. Jefre Manuel, JEFRË Miami, on environmental art and landscape.


BG2014 was sponsored by The Net Group, Datem Incorporated, LaFarge and International Elevator & Equipment, Inc. The conference was co-located with the Green Construct Exhibit, organized by Globallink MP Events International, Inc.