BUILDING GREEN – THE CEO AND GOVERNMENT FORUM UKTI supports the PHILGBC in promoting the development of BERDE

MAKATI CITY, Philippines. – January 28, 2010 – The Building Green – The UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) supported the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) in its recent conference – Building Green – The CEO and Government Forum. The forum aims to initiate meaningful dialogue between the private and public sector on how to move forward in promoting green building in the Philippines.

The BERDE Framework was issued for comments during the conference. BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) is the National Green Building Rating System developed by the PHILGBC to further promote green practices in the property sector.

BERDE is developed by a non-partisan forum composed of the nation’s leaders in industry, professional institutions, academe, and government. This forum shall be the stage in the ongoing debate on how to measure a building’s sustainability credentials. BERDE will help in determining the correctness of environmental claims of project proponents Opening the Forum this morning was British Ambassador Stephen Lillie. Mr. Lillie stressed that UK’s assistance to the PHILGBC is part of their commitment to assist developing countries who are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Last December, the UK played a key role during the discussions at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. “The Copenhagen Accord – agreed by major developed and developing country leaders and backed by a large number of countries – highlights the urgent need for concerted international action to tackle climate change” the British Ambassador said.

“The Accord agreed to take action to limit global temperature rises to below 2 degrees. It lists commitments to cut emissions by developed countries and actions by developing countries. It introduces real scrutiny and transparency to ensure emission targets are put into effect” he added. The British Ambassador welcomed government to show its support in responding to climate change and urged the leaders of the corporate sector to employ sustainable practices.

Mr. Christopher de la Cruz, Council Chairman, suggested to corporate leaders to make BERDE a part of their green corporate agenda. “The importance of BERDE lies in the fact that it will enable us to benchmark our buildings in a single green building rating system. It will level the playing field among the building industry players. We are to use this as our brand of environmental excellence” de la Cruz said. He pointed out that green building is in the interest of advancing public good and further urged the captains of industry to make BERDE a part of their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“Companies are recognizing that doing well by going green is doing good” he added.

Engaging government representatives to commit to the use of BERDE is UKTI Director Derek Page.

“Today, we are hoping for your cooperation by signing your commitment to utilise BERDE in your cities and municipalities. This is a significant step to show the government’s support in responding to climate change and to promote a more sustainable environment in the country” the UKTI Director said. “The international momentum on tackling climate change is building fast, with the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient economy becoming a global environmental and economic imperative. The Philippines is well placed to move forward with local action towards a low carbon future through initiatives such the one we are witnessing today” he added.

About the PHILGBC

The Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) is a national not-for-profit organization that promotes the sharing of knowledge on green practices to the property industry to ensure a sustainable environment.

As an alliance of national leaders from both the public and private sectors, the Philippine Green Building Council shall take the lead in ensuring that industry designs, builds and operates buildings in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner that will pave the way for the Filipinos to live, work and play in safe, healthy and productive environments. For more information about the PHILGBC, you may visit


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