Arya Residences, Green Building Best Practices and Strategies in Residential Development

PASAY CITY, Philippines – 25 June 2015 — Edgar V. Sabidong, Board of Trustees of the Philippine Green Building Council presented the Arya Residences, the flagship project of the Arthaland Corporation at the launch of the Green Building Code during the Green Building Breakthroughs 2015 held at the Philippine Trade Training Center. Arya Residences is the Philippines’ 1st residential development pursuing dual green building certification – LEED and BERDE.

In his presentation, he talked about the future-proof green building features of Arya Residences in the areas of design, sustainable sites, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, materials and resources and energy and atmosphere. Among these green building features include:

  • Its close proximity to basic amenities such as hospital, institutions, commercial and business areas;
  • Provision for bicycle racks to encourage bikers;
  • Worked with nature on the building’s orientation considering the sun path and wind breeze to maximize natural ventilation and natural daylight;
  • Employment of low flow, low flush fixtures which may result of 40% less water consumption;
  • Provision for dual piping for irrigation and flushing;
  • Usage of low VOC paint and sealants for a healthier home;
  • Usage of high-quality, eco-friendly sustainable materials such as FSC wood floor, and
  • A conscious choice of low energy consumption appliances and systems such as energy-efficient air conditioning units, which may contribute, to a reduction of at least 14% energy demand.

Mr. Sabidong shared that in addition to these features, Arthaland Corporation ensured that the construction process of the Arya Residences incorporated green practices. These included: building flush-out, soil erosion and sedimentation control, provisions of waste bins for scraps and waste material segregation for reuse. He added that the key to a green construction process is the education of the workers.

Two strategies that Arthaland Corporation has embraced to promote green building are: educating the public and its potential unit owners and establishment of strong partnerships with its contractors and suppliers.

In closing, Mr. Sabidong called on the audience to join the green building advocacy, “Lets help build a better world … for nature … for the environment … for our future”

Arya Residences has been recognized as the Best Residential Development in the Philippines by the South East Asia Property Awards in 2012 and 2013.

Arya Residences was a pilot project for the BERDE for New Construction: Vertical Residential Development version 1.1.0 (BERDE-NC-VRD v.1.1.0), was recognized under the Department of Energy (DOE) Philippine Energy Efficiency Project: Efficient Building Initiative (PEEP-EBI) as a pilot project.

Arya Residences is currently undergoing BERDE Certification and Assessment.

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